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What can I help you with?

I offer a wide variety of services, from full blown reorganization/redesign, to individual project consulting. I work with each client to customize a plan that works for them, including timeline, cost, and level of involvement.


Creating websites that match and promote your brand, in addition to updating and/or redesigning existing websites.


How does your brand appear online? I work through your full digital strategy by individual platform to tell your story.


I work with organizations to assess their current strategy, and help to pinpoint areas of improvement.


Creating printed and digital designs to further the mission and purpose of your organization.


Reaching your audience with targeted messaging right to their inbox.


If you’re looking for something specific, just ask!

"Jennifer Nodjak is a bold, innovative and committed designer and promoter. I could always trust that her initiatives were motivated by our company’s mission so therefore her work had a positive impact on every aspect of our productions."

Peggy Kriha Dye, CEO, Opera Columbus

"From the concept and creation of a new website and brand, to the vibrant digital presence, Jennifer has helped grow our organization on diverse platforms and in the community. She understands the industry, and is intentional about being innovative, timely, and professional. Her strategies are creatively charged, providing excellence in all that she delivers from campaign and relationship management to digital marketing strategies. "

Rachel Will, Director of Audience Experience, Opera Columbus

"Jennifer excels at identifying unique and effective ways to communicate via digital media. I appreciate her attention to the WHY behind a message to help craft the best solution."

Jessica Morris, Director of Development, CAPA

"Working with Jennifer has been one of the best experiences in my professional career. She is a great teacher, leader, and motivator who is always willing to provide guidance and advice. Her attention to detail and work ethic has always inspired me to go above and beyond in my jobs. Not only that, she is someone who has a knack for digital marketing in terms of her creativity and direct knowledge of the programs she has to use. In short: Jennifer has been an amazing co-worker, boss, and friend!"

-Diana Verde, CAPA

"Jennifer's enthusiastic attitude, ability to multi-task like a pro, and seamless execution of her work made her such a great asset. All of our coworkers gave her rave reviews. Anyone who works with Jennifer is lucky to have her on their team!"

-Blair Berle, United Way of Metropolitan Nashville

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